Tuesday, May 20, 2014

Three Weeks In...

...and I'm at the waistline of my sweater body. No way am I going to be able to get this puppy done in 10 days time.

The shaping I did in the chest area worked out well. I've now reached the waistline - I did a couple of decreases - about 1" or so - on the way here - and then wetblocked again to check the fit.

I think I'm now good to go to the bottom edge. I will increase again as I knit away from the waist (to fit better over my rear) and then I will do a "rolled edge" on the bottom: purl one row, then knit about 6 rows and cast off. The stockinette will curl to the outside, and will stop curling when it hits the purl row.

This will take about a week, I think...and then it's on to the sleeves! I figure it'll take me another 3 weeks to finish this sweater - more like a 6 week sweater than a 30 day one...

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