Spinning for Socks

Since I've started spinning (April 2013) I've been on a learning curve to spinning the Best Sock Yarn Evah.

Here are some of my observations as I travel this curve...

#1 : my first encounter with spinning

#2 : my first try at sock yarn (this was eventually knit into a lace scarf...I thought it too hard for socks).

#3 : tuning up the machine for spinning fine

#4 : swatching for sock-spinning - a very useful activity to make yourself better!

#5 : limits - in which I suspect I might want to explore additional equipment...

#6 : how fine is fine? - some numbers on how fine spinning was in the olden times...and how I compare (or rather, don't)

#7 : using spinning oil and rewinding  - in which I try Alden Amos' recipe and find it helps for fine spinning! And I also discover that a chopstick in an electric drill makes an awesome bobbin winder.

#8 : keeping proper tension while plying - without a tensioned Lazy Kate, I make do with a kitchen chair...and another blog post on the same topic with more details...and then I had another epiphany which improved things even more!

#9 :converting a single-drive machine to double-drive - I bought a "high speed" double drive kit and show how to put it on (involves drilling new holes into your mother-of-all!). And another post with a different idea, but one that involves making a new part (not too difficult!).

#10: the importance of prep -  I bought some fiber which was nebby and learned that you can't spin fine with it.

#11: reduce spinning waste - how to divide up your singles evenly so that you don't run out while plying!

#12: yarn construction - I learn how to make a 3-ply version of a cable-plied yarn, which is very sturdy.

#13: directionality - in which I learn that some fibers prefer to be spun from one end!

#14: spinning Z or S...I'm confused...

#15: twist control - I use pins in my spinning apron (aka old towel) to enforce how much twist I'm putting into the singles and the plying.

#16: twist and grist - a brief exploration as to how twist influences wpi...

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