Sock Recipes

These are my own "recipes" - not so much patterns as templates for sock knitting. These are basically distillations of what's on my blog. Templates are on Ravelry as free downloads, but I'm including links here also:

1. toe-up, "forethought" heel sock template, in 2 sizes (men's and ladies' "medium" foot circumference with foot length up to you), 6 rib-based all-over stitch patterns included (3 for ladies and 3 more gentlemanly patterns).  download now

2. fingerless gloves or mitaines: a generic top-down recipe with thumbs knit and then attached separately. download now

3. a discussion of how to use a paper template of someone's foot to produce socks that fit.

4. a recipe for toe-up flap style heels, sized using the paper template above.

5. a recipe for toe-up "fleegle" or "handkerchief" heels, sized using the paper template above.

6. Hybrid Sweet Tomatoes: a modification of Cat Bordhi's "sweet tomato heels" that is done over 1/2 of the sock stitches, rather than 2/3 of them (this enables easy 2AAT knitting).


  1. after thought directions expertly done. thank you

  2. hi, I only just recently (a few weeks ago) knit up my first pair of socks during a workshop at my LYS and am totally hooked now... just discovered your blog and look forward to reading and learning a lot more! thx for all the info and tips and thought you re putting up! greetings from tiny little Belgium on the other side of the world ;-)