Sheep Stories

I've done a lot of reading about sheep, those fascinating little animals that give us their wool....and here are the blogs summarizing what I've learned...

Sheep Stories #1 : a little summary of "heritage" sheep - the first "breeds" of sheep to be domesticated.

Sheep Stories #2 : a summary about the more "modern" sheep breeds.

Sheep Stories #3 :  a potted history of sheep in Britain

Sheep Stories #4 :  some commercial practices associated with sheep that you might not know about

Sheep Stories #5 :  in which I blog about what I know about Merino sheep.

Sheep Stories #6:  breeding programs and how this influences the types of sheep we see

Sheep Stories #7: in which I find out that the spinning wheel enabled the development of modern democracy!

Not really a story about sheep, but in this post I visit a local spinning mill to see how fleece is processed. Following this up, I wrote Sheep Stories #8 which discusses the differences between "woolen" and "worsted" mills (there are very, very few worsted mills still left in operation in North America; most of the small "cottage" mills are of the woolen type.).

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