Wednesday, May 14, 2014

Now on Day 14 with that Damn Sweater

Whew. Got to the end of the sleeve increases, finally. Wetblocked and fit twice to be sure it was all going to be OK.

I've now joined in the round. The raglans are 12" long, not as long as I'd hoped (14") but the armholes seem loose enough when I fit it on, so we'll go with this. The only thing I can think of to "fix" this is to put in underarm gussets, later. I think I can "steek and sew" them in, if need be. The "standard rate" for increasing on the raglans seems just a titch too fast for my body - I probably should've slowed it down to increasing every 3, rather than every 2, rows or something. I dunno. Next time...

Anyways, I'm proceeding. I'm doing a "faux side seam" by purling a single stitch at the side every other row, to give sort of a subtle "seed stitch" seam running down the side. I've knit about 3" down from the bottom of the V-neck and am at my bust point. I'm going to do a little bit of bust shaping. I've marked the bust point by fitting the thing on, and have put in stitch markers (those split-ring ones are pretty handy for this - just slip them in!). I'm going to do some short-rows between these markers, getting about 10 stitches longer every back-and-forth, that should give me about an inch more fabric over my "chest area".

Then, I want to do a bit of shaping in the back, too; EZ recommends doing some short-rows over the back of the sweater (full width of back) to make the sweater longer in the back. I'll be doing a short row every 2-3" for a total of about 1/2" I think. Eventually I am planning on a shirt-tail finish on the bottom of the sweater at the back (straight on front) so it'll be longer in the back anyways.

I'm going to wetblock again after these shaping steps, and fit again.

I'm glad I'm over that should yoke part. With well over 300 stitches on the needles, it took forever. Now with a mere 212 stitches on the body, things are going a bit faster! Still, don't think I'll be finishing this puppy in 2 weeks!!

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