Friday, May 9, 2014

Sweater, Day 9

Well, I've made negative progress so far. I ended up ripping out about 4 inches worth of knitting because I didn't like the modifications I made to the increase rate on the raglans. I ripped back to before the point where I joined up at the bottom of the v-neck...

Then, I wet-blocked the little capelet and confirmed my gauge, and redid the increase calculations. Glad I did that! Turns out, I should not measure my knitting when it hasn't been blocked to judge my progress. Well, I'm happy to have learned that! This did set me back a good 3 days though. Yech. Well, no pain, no gain, as they say.

So, I have adjusted my increase rate (it actually needed to go up! So I'm closer to what the original pattern suggests, in terms of increasing), and am continuing.

I must say I am not really enjoying this part of the sweater - the part where you haven't yet split off the sleeves and the body - because it has so many stitches. It just seems to take forever to make any progress...I guess that's why I really enjoy socks so much!

[progress / regress so far]
Anyways, I am now clearly behind schedule. I will soldier on...

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