Friday, June 13, 2014

Ta Dah! I'm done!

Well, that ended up being the fastest sweater I've ever knit!
Woohoo! Started May 1, finished June 10. And that with a rotator cuff injury that really slowed me down in the last 2 weeks (thanks to overexertion at the gym!).

Anyways. Here it is:

 [top-down raglan]

[side view]

I did some bust shaping, some gussets at the elbows (made the elbows "bend" a little) and gave it a shirt-tail bottom on the back, all with short-rows.

I'm pretty happy with this. It'll replace the ratty fleece I've been wearing on weekends. The sweater looks better and will (hopefully) age more gracefully. It's comfy and casual - exactly what I wanted!

[rolled edge detail]

I'm happy with the edges, too - they're rolled, which I've never tried before but sure is easier than ribbing, and looks good. I did one row of purling and then about 6 rows stockinette, to produce a roll which stops at the "garter bumper". The neck edging is done the same way. I didn't do any incs or decs at the point of the v-neck, and it turned out quite good.

[neck detail]

However, I do note that it doesn't fit me all that well - see that v-shaped fold over my boob? That means that the shoulder area isn't sized right - the front of the body above my bust is too wide. The upper arm, also, is a bit too wide (see those diagonal folds on my upper arm?). So this type of "easy-peasy raglan" design doesn't actually fit me well. Not if I want a more "tailored" look. Set-in sleeves are probably a better bet for me at this point in my life (as I keep telling my husband, I'm not a "young lady" anymore. More like a "matron".).

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