Friday, October 20, 2017

Sock Wool Review 11

Huh. Three more to blog about!

1. Cherry Tree Hill Sockittome: nice and thin at around 400m/100g, and nice colours....but pricey. Mine came put up in 50g balls, so I got two. Sadly, it felt quite harsh knitting up, and kind of splitty, too. Sure didn't feel like merino!! I gifted the socks, so can't comment on the wear, but I don't think this will be a repeat for me. According to Ravelry, it's discontinued. I'm not crying over this one.

2. Aslan Trends Santa Fe kettle dyed - 85/15 merino/nylon sock yarn, comes in 50g hanks at 165m (if I can read the blurry label...). This is a bit thicker than I normally use (I got it as a gift), but it is tightly plied and has a great "boing" factor. Seems to wear well, although it does pill in the long run. I used it in a pair of mosaic socks, using a non-merino contrast yarn which I also used for the heels and toes, so hopefully that will cut down on the pilling and felting at least a little. As per usual, I wouldn't normally purchase merino yarn for socks...

3. Dynasty sock yarn - can't find this on the the Ravelry database! It's a new one - Chinese product - carried by my local Fabricland shop. Pretty limited solid colours (no earth tones and I find the stripey colourways hideous), 75/25 wool (not merino)/nylon, 170m/50g so a bit thicker on paper than what I'd normally use. But it certainly knits up much thinner than the Aslan Trends above! It's surprisingly pleasant to knit, feels like a thinner version of Kroy. It's got a good price point at $16/pair and if you're a Fabricland member you usually get 20% off (and maybe more if you wait for a sale). Good for a few pairs, until you get tired of the colours.

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