Monday, March 7, 2016

My Favourite Sock Patterns, Men's Edition

I don't knit a lot of socks from published patterns, but sometimes I find one that I really, really like. Oddly enough, they tend to be less complicated than one might expect. Here are 3 patterns that I have all knit multiple times - thus proving that I really like them. These are all rather toned-down designs. They are most definitely suitable for the men in your life, being not too "fancy", but still afford enough variation so that you don't go insane with boredom while knitting them. Click on the orange text to zip over to Ravelry where you can purchase the patterns (and also see who else has made them!).

1. Treppenviertel Socks by Nicola Susen : not a free pattern (costs 2.5 Euro or about CAD$4), but I've knit this one three times, and I'm planning on at least a couple more. I do them toe-up so that I can make them longer (the pattern is a little on the short side, especially for men). It's an easy pattern involving nothing but knits and purls, is easily scaled to accomodate larger and smaller sizes, and can take any kind of heel you like. It looks very classy when finished, best done in a solid yarn with no halo (ie. not fuzzy or wooly). Self-striping, marled, or heathered yarns tend to kill the design.

[Treppenviertel socks, image copyright Nicolor on Ravelry

2. Porthos by Caoua Coffee : this one's free (as are all of Caoua's patterns), so what is not to love?? This pattern eats yarn, so watch out. I've knit it twice and again am planning a few more iterations. I do it toe-up so I don't run out of yarn. It's nicely elastic and looks very complicated, but is actually nothing but knits and purls. The only downside is that it doesn't resize easily because of the pattern repeat, and I find it too big for me - it fits men beautifully though. Again, this looks fantastic in a solid yarn with no fuzziness. Not suitable for stripes, heathered, or marled yarns, IMO.

[Porthos socks]

3. Wedge Sock by Cookie A. : this one is pretty pricey at US$6.5, but you might find it in her book called Knit.Sock.Love. in your local library. It's interesting enough done in plain yarn, but turns absolutely super-fantastic when done in a self-striping yarn, especially if you take care to "edit" the yarn to enhance the contrast between the stockinette and garter sections. Of course, this makes for some wild 'n' crazy socks! The pattern is very difficult to do 2AAT because it requires back-and-forth knitting. It's also hard to translate into toe-up. I don't use her instructions for the toe; instead I do a standard wedge toe in garter (K1 row, P1 row in the round). While not the easiest of patterns, it looks so amazing in basically any Schoppel Zauberball colourway that it simply flies off the needles. I've knit it 3  4 times! I find that the shorter version fits best (the longer version slides down my leg in an annoying fashion).

[Wedge socks]



  1. The patterns of these three socks is really amazing. I really liked the pattern of parrot colored socks. I also want to try to make these types of socks but it is seeming very difficult but I will try my best to make these types of socks and then tell you my experience while making these socks.

  2. I am so glad I check your post today.
    Your center thought about "my favorite socks" resonate with me. These days I am into "the basic ribbed socks" and I have done many with various yarn so far. There are many version of this type, but Kate Atherley's(oe-up) suits me.
    Your new post excites me. You have found something I can continue my mission/passion on. These three will be my next project. Thank you.

  3. Hello from PNW (Washington). Just found your blog and am LOVING it. Thank you for the articles regarding asymmetrical toe and the one for toe-up heel flap. New to toe-up but I know kind of an experimental sock, then proceeded to give it away as it was so clever and amazing cobbles together from a Crafts lesson and several other sources. Course, I never wrote it down. Anyway, your post was very close to what I had done so Thank you!!! Loving your posts. Keep up the awesome blog!!