Monday, November 30, 2015

Darning, by the Yarn Harlot

She's funny, Yarn Harlot.

Here's how she darns:

1. hold sock in question over garbage can.
2. say "darn".
3. drop sock.

Yo. I'm all over that!


  1. Ha! Love that. I am having a weird moment, as I stumbled across your blog. I am a geeky mom with 2 teenaged sons a practicing scientist you could say - but not married to one. I live in North Van, having moved here from the Sudbury area 3 years ago (Latchford, near New Liskeard). I try to bike the 18 k to work over the ironworkers bridge often, but when I don't bike I take transit, as we try to live in the burbs with 1 vehicle. I have been knitting socks for a few years now and keep looking for tips on how to do things a bit differently. That's how I found you in some parallel universe (being a physicist you could likely explain that!). Thanks for the blog. I love it.

    1. Heheh, I biked across that bridge for 12 years, so must have run into you at least a couple of times!

  2. Well , I don't agree at all! But you will do what you want with your socks and I 'll do likewise with mine . I love the socks I make ; each pair is different , I remember where I bought the wool etc... So I care for them , check them after washing, and mend them ( no big deal) before there is an actual hole . And keep knitting new ones to have a good supply.