Thursday, December 4, 2014


Now, normally I do not go in for New Year's resolutions.

But for the last couple of years, I've successfully completed Knitting Resolutions, prodded on by my knitting group. Yeah, public guilting helps!

My resolutions for 2014 were probably a tad too aggressive:
- knit two sweaters (in years past, it has taken me 1.5 years to finish a sweater)
- knit a project with some of the yarn I've been storing for over 2 decades
- knit 12 pairs of socks, 6 of which shall be from handspun yarn

OK, so by some creative accounting aka cheating I managed to check off numbers one and two - one of the sweaters was for a baby! - but I think I am going to fail on number three. I am on sock pair #10 and my christmas gift knitting is getting prioritized over the socks. So why don't I just make the socks as gifts? Well, thanks to years past, most of my family members already have plenty of handknit socks from me and I think it's time to gift them something else! Argh! The trials of a sock-knitter!

So, the socks will eventually get knit, but probably not in this year. They will stare at me balefully from the WIP-bag in which they languish, while I knit hats and scarves.

And, next year, I think my resolutions will be more along the lines of WIP and stash reduction. As in, finish knitting those languishing projects you might have come across on my Ravelry page, and knit with what I've got in the house (which is PLENTY, I assure you!).

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