Wednesday, November 19, 2014

Just Showin' Off

So here's a pair of socks I just finished highlighting the toe-up flap style I have been blogging about.

[toe-up flaps]

These are my own homespun (4 ply cable-plied, Exmoor Blueface fiber). The architecture of the socks is standard - gussets and flaps as per normal.

Here's another pair, which are a bit different because I did the gusset increases on the bottom of the sole. It makes for a slightly different look and fit.

[they look gusset-less!]

[gusset incs on sole of foot]

The flap done this way means you have no holes and no picking up, which I really like. I find it easier to execute than a short-row heel, which involves a lot of ...short-rowing! Which is not one of my favourite techniques...These flaps do not.

[flap with no picking up and no short-rows]

It makes for a very neat finish!

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