Tuesday, April 29, 2014

Sweat(er) Break!

I used to knit sweaters, 25 years ago. Mostly flat-knit. Some of them are still alive and being worn by my teenage sons. Recently, however, I've tried knitting sweaters in the round and found it very challenging. The knitting is slow because it is larger gauge than I'm now used to (I knit much faster with fingering yarn and small needles!), plus I get freaked out by the need to get a good fit. I think what gets me the most, though, is the large pieces of knitting on my lap - somehow that really slows me down. The two sweaters (here and here) I've done have both taken me over a year to finish. So I'm going to push myself to improve. I heard about the 30-day sweater challenge through my knitting group and managed to score the workbook, which makes the whole thing look eminently do-able.

I've managed to clear the decks of sock knitting: I've got my May pair of socks done (by the end of April), and 2 pairs' worth of handspun waiting in the basket for June and July...time for a month of knitting SOMETHING ELSE!

I've got the yarn (been languishing in my stash for 25 years!) and tons of needles, so starting May 1, I'll be trying to knit a sweater in 30 days. It'll be plain. Really plain. Call it a weekend gardening sweater. I'm looking to create a replacement for my favourite fleece pullover, which is now pretty ratty-looking.

Maybe I'll even blog about it...

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