Tuesday, January 8, 2013

Fabric Project Containers

Maybe, like myself, you sometimes sew in addition to knitting.

In that case, you can whip up some pretty nifty yarn storage and project containers out of fabric. Here are some links I've found:

1. fabric bucket with square bottom
2. list of fabric buckets and boxes
3. zipper bag with a flat bottom
4. "origami" drawstring bag made from a square
5. boxy zippered bag

A good sized "bucket" for a 2AAT sock project is 15" around and 6.5" tall. For the origami bag, use a 16"-18" square (the reverse of the fabric will show, so I usually start off with a lined square).

For the buckets and zippered bags, if you use a fairly stiff interfacing they will stand up nicely. If you plan on making bigger boxes, quilting (with batting) or cardboard/plastic liners are required (the interfacing won't be strong enough to hold up the fabric). As for fabric, personally I prefer cotton or linen fabrics that are meant for upholstery, drapery, or tablecloths, which tend to be a little beefier than the cottons used for shirts and quilts. But I must admit that the eye-popping variety of quilting fabrics available today is a real draw!

Here's a little bucket that I made over the holidays from some Marimekko fabric I got as a gift (my husband went to Finland on a business trip!). I followed number 1 above with the following modifications:
  • made the lining 1.75" taller than the outside, folded it to the outside, and stitched it down with a 1/4" hem.
  • added a fabric tag (from the selvedge designer label) for that "designer look" (you could add a loop instead)
  • left off the handles
I've made other little buckets just like this with an additional inner sleeve with a drawstring../

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