Monday, July 2, 2012

Do Your Socks Fall Down?

I knit short ones, usually, so this isn't a problem I encounter often.

But my sons seem to prefer "tight" socks; ones that really stick to their legs. So I knit them ribbed socks, and sometimes will even thread some elastic thread through the tops to make sure they stay up and don't get floppy.

You can get "elastic thread" from a fabric shop, in the notions aisle. It comes in black and white.

[elastic thread]

It's an easy matter to thread it through the ribbing at the top of the sock. Usually three or four times around will do the trick!
[just run it through the ribbing for socks that stay up!]
(note: yarn is Woolen Rabbit "Bebe" in oakmoss. Lovely stuff.)

It is pretty well invisible and your socks will stay up! Also easy to replace if it ever gets loose.


  1. Hello. I just discovered your blog. What is the stitch pattern on this for this sock?

  2. The pattern is posted on my ravelry project page: