Thursday, July 26, 2012

Decorative edges

I'm starting to knit a threesome of handpuppets for a cousin's little kids (my teenaged sons are - unfortunately - well beyond this type of thing now...). They are "estonian" sheep, very cute, and will give me a chance to exercise my rusty colourwork skillz. I recently learned how to do two-handed colourwork (from a lady in my knitgroup!), so this is an excellent opportunity to practise! (BTW, here is an excellent video on that technique!)

I also thought I'd try to figure out some nice decorative edgings. Here are a few I've been able to source:
I'll have lots of opportunity to try these techniques on my flock!

[braided cast-on in 2 colours, followed by K1P1 ribbing in 2 colours]

[Latvian Twist cast-on in 3 colours, followed by Latvian Braid in 2 colours]

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  1. Just found this post and am inspired. I love the sock patterns too. Just had a request for socks from a friend and nearly finished the breaking bad socks for my son (long feet!!!)