Tuesday, February 7, 2012

Sweater is Done!

Whew. It's done.

Some personalized details...
- my son's name in small beads at the bottom edge
- a lining (slick-slippery-woven for the sleeves, t-shirt knit for the body) for added warmth, anti-itch, and anti-elbow-stretch
- a loop for hanging it up crocheted into the inside neck,
- a  crochet stabilization line along the back neck (along bottom of collar) to prevent stretching

[personalized with little square beads...]

[Wow! It fits!]

I must say I am pleased with the result. I like the jackety-type fit. Because it's a top-down design, I can always knit extra onto the sleeves as he grows (at 16, there's probably a few more inches in there somewhere!).

For your interest, the pattern:
(rather modified...apart from the deviant construction due to my constant screw-ups - and due to the fact that I did the whole thing in the round with a central steek, I did garter cuffs and bottom edge, and my son didn't want the lighting bolts all the way up the arm so I started them at the elbow)

The yarn: some stuff I've had in my stash for some 15 (!) years that's long discontinued; it's undyed, very lightly spun, 100% natural wool. Worsted weight. Kinda scratchy but has a lovely mottled grey colour, very manly. Blocks beautifully. Sweater took some 800g for a large size.

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